Friday, August 15, 2014

Shore Leave - Arendal & Kristiansand

The last week of this voyage was spent in Arendal, Norway also known as the setting for the movie "Frozen". While we were there we got a copy of the dvd and watched it in the banjer (second movie night in a week - crazy!). It's a beautiful place and easy to see why Disney chose it as the set for a movie although the film version looks quite different from the real Aredal. One of the nicest things about our docking location was the ice cream stand just off the bow. There were several visits there during our stay!

During the week we hosted a number of events from press conferences to receptions to open ship every day. We had the mayor of Kristiansand stay on board as well!  The week was some sort of politcal event but I never really understood what it was all about. In town different organizations had tents set up and if I understood Norwegian I think it would have made a lot more sense. 

One evening there was a "daysail" and it was the perfect night for it. The weather was clear and we did a slow motor out to some lighthouses and back passing an old fishing village on the way. The group who had booked the ship brought a jazz band with them and that was a pleasant addition. 

It was a good mix of busy days and quiet ones, I had time on a couple of occasions to iron tablecloths, not a bad job considering it's staionary, clean, warm and dry! You can't say that about many jobs on board! One morning I was able to get out to try wakeboarding for the second time. Happily I got up on the first try and did a few short runs before passing the board off to someone else. 

At the end of the week we returned to Kristiansand and I spent my last two nights out with crew mates exploring the play structures by the water (how many people fit on this giant swing?) and playing more beach/sand volleyball then I have ever done (which isn't saying a whole lot). My last day on board we had a shorter work day with a 10:00 brunch and 17:00 dinner. In between I packed and cleaned my cabin. Taking down the pictures from the walls always makes it feel like the end, more so then packing somehow. Anyways another journey done and a 19 hour transit back to Canada in progress as I write. 

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  1. Thank you Laura. I have very much enjoyed your blog and hope you continue it on your next voyage.
    d. at Betula