Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week One - Staying Put in Dry Dock

Each journey I've taken on Sorlandet is unique and different. The biggest difference (so far) on this journey is that we're starting in dry dock. The ship arrived here the day before I did and we'll be here for about two weeks getting lots and lots of work done. Some is being done by our crew but there are also workmen coming in during the day to do specific projects. Why dry dock? Well it's set up for this type of work with tools and workmen availablr etc. also some of the work being done isn't really possible while we're in the water (i.e. painting the hull under the waterline). 

One of the projects is repainting the ornaments and I've helped a bit with that on days I have extra time. Painting has been a nice change from cooking although it was also a lot colder. 

So in galley terms being in dry dock means it's been pretty easy: no rocking, dishes that stay put and a grocery store a drive away. The crew currently numbers 10 and that is a very manageable number to cook for. Good thing as I'm the sole galley representative for a few weeks. The others arrive over the next month or so as voyages get underway. 

The day flows much as I remember, finish one meal, get ready for the next and it must be almost time to put coffee on again. The hours are a bit different, the workyard starts the day at 7:00 am so we do as well Monday-Friday and take a bit later start on the weekend when it's just us. 

No big provision orders for a crew this small, just a van trip to the local grocery store and a couple carts of food to get us through the week. I'd forgotten how spoiled for choice we are in Canada (at least where I live). The produce section here is about an eighth of the size of the one I'm used to back home and the selection much smaller. It makes you think creatively about what you do have and appreciate the bounty I am used to in a way I don't usually do. 

Besides these weekly shops I'm also cooking my way through some of the provisions leftover from last year. Meat was purchased at the end of last season and put in the freezer when we were in (comparitively) cheaper Denmark. Some other dry provisions like pasta are still here and it's a bit like seeing old friends again. 

The weather has been cool and variable. I've seen the sun a few times but also ice on deck and snow flakes one day!

One week down, many more to come. Before I close a bit of housekeeping: 

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That's it for now!

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