Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week Two - Staying Put and Getting Wet

Another week in dry dock, another week of work. Today (Tuesday) we got the boat floating again and tomorrow we'll be off! This has been the longest I've spent in one location on the ship and even when we move it'll still be in Kristiansand, not going too far!

We had some snow on deck for a day or two. That's something I haven't seen before! 

On Friday night the crew was invited over to dinner and a movie over on the Hestemanden, a steam ship that is (permanently) moored here. The movie was SS Martha (http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0061957/) which I have seen before (it's basically required viewing here!). It was a fun start to a weekend that turned out to be pretty low key. Shorter work hours and not a ton of projects going on was nice. It was also the time change (spring forward) weekend. 

Due to getting the ship afloat and back to the city as well as the upcoming Easter holidays we went provisioning on Monday. There were also a lot of other errands to be done so I was away for the ship for a good part of the day. That's always a nice change. I saw some spring flowers and made it to the post office to buy stamps so I am set for a while!

Here's the water beginning to fill the dock, I think every crew member took a picture like this. 

Here's the crew looking at the water/taking said pictures. 

The galley on the Hestemanden looks slightly different then ours. 

A few hundred metres away from the workyard is this beautiful spot. 

Till next week (or so)!

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