Monday, April 6, 2015

Week Three - we go sailing! (Kind of)

The excitement this week was going (motor) sailing! We went out twice. The first time to leave the dry dock and head back to the winter dockage by the Kilden centre then after two nights there we came back to Kai 6, the "home dock" of Sørlandet. We had to make the stop at Kilden to pick up items we'd left there but didn't want to stay long as the shore power had been turned off. 

One of the nights at Kilden we had our first BBQ of the season. Hopefully the next one will be warmer! We set up quayside but the ship blocked the sun so it was rather chilly. Now that we are at Kai 6 with no big buildings around we get sun all day and it's lovely. 

The past weekend was Easter holidays which is a very extended long weekend in Norway. Everything closed Friday, Sunday, Monday with shortened hours on Saturday and Thursday. I understand a lot of people go skiing or to their cabins on that weekend. 

This past week the captain and chief mate switched over/rotated and there are a few new crew members joining this upcoming week. Including the chief cook who is new to the ship. 

One of the things I had to get used to as a galley team of one was timing not only dinner prep but also setting the table. Luckily dinner is the quickest meal to set for (surprisingly the fewest amount of food choices on the table) so it's not too bad. Usually I start dinner, put it on hold or let it cook in the oven, set the table and then come back to do final food things. Setting it before I start cooking doesn't seem like such a great idea as sometimes there is work related business going on in the salon. 

Also upcoming this week: work in the galley and aft pantry. Some equipment is being moved around, taken out or changed. It will be interesting to see how that goes. At any rate I've got a week's worth of dinners in the freezer so hopefully we can just heat and go. Or, if that doesn't fly we can go to town to eat. When you're on a ship you need to be ready to go with the flow (pun intended)! 

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