Monday, April 13, 2015

Week Four - Staying Put in Kristiansand

With Easter holidays over the contractors were back to work on the ship. This week a lot of galley areas got attention so that at one time or other almost every galley space was inaccessible due to work going on! Since I knew ahead of time I'd prepped a lot of meals and stuck them in the freezer so at the end of the day all that needed to be done was sticking something in the ovens which thankfully were never out of commission! I snuck in bread mixing/baking when the galley was emptyish and prepped cold food in whatever area was free at the time. It all worked out, everyone ate at appropriate time, dishes got done etc. 

There were some new cooking experiences like pulling soup from the oven (made possible by the steam setting) and boiling eggs on deck with the hot plate usually reserved for tar!

In galley news the chief cook cancelled at the last minute so it was another week of a solo galley team. Not really a problem since everything was pre prepped! It was also the week where crew started eating at two tables, not one. We are now 12 which is just enough to make sitting all together a bit cozy. 

I went for a few runs and found some nice trails that I'm sure I'll revisit at some point. Although I spend much of my day in motion it's nice to get away from the ship and see some land based nature. 

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