Saturday, August 2, 2014

Shore Leave - Bergen, Norway

This festival offered a prize for Best Arrival and the Sorlandet crew took the challenge seriously. We had a wakeboarder with a Sorlandet pennant attached to her ankle and shoulder, a tender shooting water with a fire pump, shanties being sung, cannons being fired and a captain with a parrot on his shoulder!  We were hard to miss for sure. As our contribution to an awesome arrival the Galley Girls made ice cream sandwiches for snack to be enjoyed once the ship was safely alongside. As we discovered in Harlingen, ice cream sandwiches are just about the perfect arrival day snack. And this time we sneakily made them while most others ate lunch so they were a surprise!

Bergen was a mail port and I was super excited when the captain handed over a bunch of mail from my "fan club". Thanks for writing!

We hosted 3 deck parties during this port. Only one we had to cater for and only for 15 people which was nice. Lots of little finger foods arranged on trays to be rather fancy. 

That deck party was the same day as the crew parade (much better attended then the one in Fredrikstad, perhaps because it wasn't raining?) and party. The party was good, we ate off real plates and there was a good band who did lots of popular dance songs as well as some of their originals. 

The weather in Bergen was strangely sunny and warm! A bunch of us went for a swim between the parade and party and cooling off in the water was exactly what we needed.  

Bergen is a gorgeous place, on the water (obviously), there are lots of old wooden buildings and mountains surrounding the city. On our time off Nadia and I took the funicular up one of the mountains to enjoy the view, eat an ice cream, sit by a mountain pond and then hiked back down to make dinner. 

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