Friday, August 15, 2014

Shore Leave - Kristiansand

After the last voyage we had a couple days in Kristiansand before heading off to Arendal. It was a chance for us to catch our breaths, catch up on some sleep and say good-bye to a number of crew. Sadly this is where the galley girls parted ways, with Nadia heading off to England for a bit of fun before heading home. 

On arrival day the whole crew went out for dinner on the ship's "welfare fund". Because Kristiansand is her home port we were able to lock the doors, hoist the gangway (drawbridge style) and enjoy a meal in a restaurant. We came back to continue the fun with dancing on deck (this was not the catch up on your sleep day!). 

The following day we were supposed to be having a daysail but a storm caused by the tail end of a hurricane cancelled those plans! We had a late breakfast/brunch and spent a pretty relaxed day doing some clean up and keeping the ship properly attached to the dock (even in the sheltered harbour you could feel the waves from the storm!). That night we rigged up a projector in the banjer and watched SS Martha, a 1960's Danish comedy about a crew on a cargo ship. I think it's the second most "required viewing" on board, topped only by Around Cape Horn. 

And that was Kristiansand for this go around. The next morning there was a break in the weather and we were gone by 6:30 in the morning. 

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