Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sailing Along - Norway to Norway via Scotland

This leg of the Tall Ships festival was the "Cruise in Company", no racing, just sailing for fun. There were 9 days between festivals and most ships made a stop or two. We were supposed to stop in Aberdeen and Fair Isle but ended up canceling the Fair Isle stop as it meant more sailing and less motoring. 

Leaving Fredrikstad we were down an officer but luckily Johannes, who has been on the ship on and off for a few years was able to join us in Aberdeen. 

I had the cabin to myself this sail and had both bunks made up so I could sleep in whichever one made sense with the way the ship was moving (one bunk is crosswise to the ship, the other goes fore and aft). It was a fun luxury no one else on board had! Oh the little things that can make your day!

Nadia celebrated her birthday during this sail. There was cake (carrot cake), presents and singing. The best surprise was the large pod of dolphins swimming alongside the ship all evening. Everyone was out on deck taking pictures and enjoying the awesomeness of it all. 

The Galley Girls enjoyed breaking into this 11 pound bar of chocolate to bake brownies! They weren't our best so we'll just have to try again. Sigh. 

We were in Aberdeen for less then 5 hours but I had some time off and made it to the Maritime Museum (where Nadia spotted these great mugs) and Marks and Spencer to stock up on some favourite foods. I also had a nice talk with my family as they were able to call me on my phone/UK SIM card I have from earlier this year.

Our last night before arrival in Bergen we spent at a beautiful anchorage in a fjord. The water was calm, the scenery was spectacular and I wasn't the only one who wished we could've stayed longer but the festival started the next day and to that madness we had to go. 

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