Friday, August 15, 2014

Sailing Along - Norway to Denmark

On this voyage my goal was to survive. We had 50+ voyage crew and providing food for an extra 20 people definitely stretched the galley department. I think Nadia and I worked overtime every day and we counted down the days til port. In addition to the increase in crew we were also participating in a race which meant going as fast as we could, often close hauled into the wind. One day the wind picked up in the half hours before breakfast and lunch causing us to heel over quite a bit. The galley girls were not impressed but since we got up over 10 knots we let it pass. 

Thankfully all the going fast meant we got in early. In addition to coming alongside a day early we also had a night at anchor. The other Norwegian sailing ships, Christian Raddich and Straastad Lehmkuhl were anchored along with us and it was pretty amazing to have the three Norwegian ships 

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