Friday, August 15, 2014

Sailing Along - Denmark to Norway

Quite the opposite of the last sail - this one was a gentleman's sail. Less then 10 voyage crew, nice weather and calm seas. 

Due to some crew changes Nadia moved into my cabin and we shared it the rest of her time on board. Still not sick of each other after a summer of working and playing together! 

The last night before coming in we spent at anchor, in the same location to our anhorage before grad in May. A pleasant place to spend a day.  Galley girls went for a swim on our break and though it was cold at first it soon felt refreshing rather than freezing and we had a nice time in the water. 

That night we had a BBQ on deck followed by breakfast on deck the next morning. We were motoring through a very narrow and picturesque channel and it was great to eat breakfast outside with amazing scenery!

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