Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welland Canal Locks

Today was spent going through the Welland Canal. We left Hamilton at 3 am and got to the first lock around 9. By 7 pm we were through the last lock and this evening we are back in open water. After a day spent looking primarily at cement walls it sure feels nice to have all this space!

The concept of locks is really neat. Over 43.5 km we changed 99.5 m in elevation! But when sailing it's fairly tedious. The cement walls, waiting for locks to fill, etc. the maritime crew have been on all day - at a lock they all are on deck with specific jobs to make sure it all goes well. I really appreciate it but it does make a long day for lots of people!

The last lock was a baby one compared to the others we went through today but no one was complaining!

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