Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shore Leave - Bay City

I love Bay City! It's been my favourite port so far. It started off with our liaisons dropping off laundry bags which were available for us to fill, leave on the dock and were returned the next day with clean clothes! We also had shower facilities available at the local Y. Showers that run continuously - fun times! 

In contrast to Cleveland, Bay City is full of little independent stores, cafes and restaurants, all within walking distance of the port. I was happy to find a wool store, a fabric store, rubber stamp and scrapbook store and stationery store! Also a post office and a (yes, singular) store that sells postcards. 

Although the food on board is great it was fun to find new places to eat - salads, wraps, curry etc. 

One night I went out with some of the girls from the ship, we had our "normal human being" look on, not our boat people look. 

There is a mini golf course in Bay City that I tried out one day. 

Followed by a gigantic ice cream cone. Obviously I had a hard time choosing a flavour. 

As I mentioned I finally found postcards and spent some time sitting in a cafe writing them. 

One more picture, the view from "my" porthole. 

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