Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shore leave - Cleveland

I didn't find Cleveland to be the greatest city, maybe it was the areas I visited but it wasn't my cup of tea. In our crew "goodie bags" we got a free one day transit pass, a ticket for the aquarium and one for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (those of you who know how much I'm into music won't be surprised I skipped the last). 

I did use my aquarium ticket though. It was a pretty straight forward venue - follow the path and see everything.   

Lion fish

This guy, who looks cute but is poisonous

Turtles with crazy necks

And a walk through tunnel with sharks and other critters swimming around. 

The transit pass came in handy for getting there,

As did my feet. 

I made it to WalMart a couple times to help get provisions for the ship. Fun but kind of weird to be picking out say, 10 boxes of cereal for people some who are strangers, some who you know. What kind to choose? Will people like Cheerios or Rice Krispies better? We already have lots of flakey cereal which no one seems to like so stay away from that!

One of my goals on shore leave is to call home. Thanks to wifi set up for the tall ships festival I was able to do that quayside with my iPhone and Facetime. I also enjoyed finding a cupcake bakery and a small cafe for a tea and (more) wifi. I didn't enjoy the lack of postcards and stamps. Will have to work on that in our next port, Bay City. 


  1. Hello Laura! I am pleased to be reading your blog! So you are following in Papa Elliot's footsteps as the helmsman on a sailing ship. Salt water must run in our veins somewhere. Why the Sproule's left the salty air of Nova Scotia I will never know. Hope you have wonderful days at .....river? lake? or all of the above!

  2. Of course you know I am not really anonymous.....that would be Grandma Sproule! Will miss you on the 14th! Thanks for letting us use your room.