Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting Ready for Port

I just saw this didn't upload when I wrote it. So sorry for the delay, or for reposting, whichever is applicable! On this trip coming into port means the start of another tall ships festival with lots of people coming to see Sorlandet. Naturally we want to show her off at her best so there's extra work to make sure she looks great. 

Because this port (Cleveland) is also our first port in the States we had to go through customs and coast guard inspections. So the inside of the ship needs to look amazing too. (The public open ship tours don't include the living quarters so while still clean, they aren't as crazy neat and clean as the deck areas.) I was on galley duty the day we arrived and came back from a volunteer meeting to find this list of extra cleaning to be done: 

Fun times! All this cleaning was for just one of the areas the galley staff is responsible for. Luckily it's a small area and now it looks amazing, organised and cleaner then normal (or it did two days ago, things have probably changed since then). 

I have a sneaky feeling I will be on galley duty the day we return to Canada as well… 

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