Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shore Leave - Samana, Dominican Republic

We're actually docked about 15km away from Samana in (the town? Village? Settlement?) Arroyo Barril. Taxis are always around so getting in to town isn't a problem but does take a while so you have to plan accordingly. 

In this port the kids had three nights of homestays which meant a pretty quiet ship. I had a day off and went for a run and spent the afternoon on wifi/Skype. 

With less people to cook for there was time to bake! One day before noon I'd made 13 loaves of bread and 65 rolls. Should keep us going for a day or two!

One of the crew has a wake board so I tried that out. Didn't quite achieve standing up on it but it was fun to try. The water is really warm so getting in is no problem. 

Although we were here longer then most ports I feel like I didn't see as much. Which is OK, I had good social times with crew mates and some much needed down time. It's all about balance. 

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