Monday, February 17, 2014

Shore Leave - Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

In Puerto Limon we were at anchor, not alongside (ie. Tied up to a pier) so the only way to get ashore was by tender.  Of course this is more complicated then simply walking off the gangway, tenders run at specific times (usually around 9:00, after cleaning is done, midday and then around 6:00) so getting ashore becomes more of a logistical challenge.  I only got ashore once, for a bit more then 7 hours.

I didn’t spend much time in Puerto Limon, apparently not the greatest place to spend your limited time in Costa Rica.  After a quick wifi session in town I caught a bus with a bunch of crewmates to go to Cahuita.  Some of them had been a day or two earlier which was handy as they knew where and when to catch the bus so I just followed along.

First order of business was finding a place to have lunch.   The restaurant we chose served a lot of local food so most of us ended up with beans and rice in some form or other.  After lunch we headed to the beach which is part of a National Park.  More beautiful Caribbean sand and sea!

The beach was right next to a (rain?) forest where we saw monkeys and raccoons.  I was pretty excited to see wild monkeys for the first time! The raccoons back home in their looks and boldness.

After a quick swim at the beach we headed back into town for ice cream, I got some postcards sent and then caught the bus back in time to make the earliest tender for dinner prep.

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