Monday, February 3, 2014

Sailing Along - Colombia to Costa Rica

Another fairly short sail, made even shorter with a night at anchor in the San Blas islands.  As we approached the islands spotted dolphins came and swam along our bow.  Finally I had my camera/phone at the right time and was able to get a couple pictures of them!

In the food department I was kept busy with things like making hot dog buns (my first attempt, need to work on the shape a bit more) and chocolate cake for “Galley of the Week”.  I also got to fine tune my stir fry muscles when we made Pad Thai (I’m not sure if it’s my Asian blood or what but I am chief stir fryer in the galley).  One day our second mate, Johannes, came to make Danish meatballs for dinner!  They are called frikadella and you serve them with boiled potatoes, carrots, slightly pickled cabbage, a white gravy/sauce and we used cranberry sauce although the traditional Danish accompaniment is another type of berry Johannes didn’t know the English word for.  That was a delicious meal and all the Scandinavians on board (a lot of the maritime crew is Scandinavian) really appreciated a little taste of home.

On this sail we changed time zones again and it’s the last time we’ll gain an hour of sleep.  (So far our clocks always change at midnight for least disturbance to the work day).

Slapps was open and I went to support the crew fund and get a little chocolate fix.  The slapps are kept in a storage area called Aft Provisions behind a locked gate.  Not the greatest ambiance but very convenient!
We arrived at our anchorage on January 31 and it was the most rolling I’ve felt on the ship! Crazy! When we are at anchor it’s supposed to be calmer then being at sea.  Luckily we were only in that spot for less then an hour before we got going again, not very far away but kind of tucked behind an island where the waters are much calmer.  Thank goodness!

We had a deep clean on arrival night, so after an early (5:30) dinner everyone piled in and got to work giving the ship an extra good clean.  I don’t really look forward to deep cleans but it is nice to get everything scrubbed and tick off all those little jobs you’ve been wanting to do for a while.  The only thing is afterwards I don’t want to cook in the galley as it looks so nice!

Since we are at anchor shore leave can only happen by way of a tender ride, and they are trying to keep those to daylight hours so I don’t think I’ll be seeing much of Costa Rica.

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