Monday, May 4, 2015

Week Seven - Still in Denmark

This week we celebrated a birthday on board! Of course I made a cake (chocolate) and then for dinner most of us went out to a nearby restaurant. It was to get off the ship for a meal and eat something different than our usual fare (if you were wondering I had salad with smoked salmon).

In these quiet days I've had time to do some extra jobs like ironing table cloths ready for fjord tours and repurposing an old holey table cloth into some smaller pieces of fabric the right size for lining hotel and half pans.  There's a sewing machine on board (two really as there is a sail sewing one as well) and I hauled it out to do the hemming.  It was nice to be sewing again, even if it was for a quick and simple project.  Other extra jobs included cutting non-skid mats for various tables and shelves. You can see this working on a ship gig is really exciting!

I'm still doing a lot of baking.  As well as old favourites I like to try new recipes and this week I tried this new chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It's a keeper for sure, even without the sea salt.  I also tried making donuts and that was successful as well.  I can't remember if I've made donuts before, I know I haven't on board and I don't do a lot of deep frying so it could be I hadn't but it was fun to try and since there were 14 of us to eat the results it wasn't an overwhelming amount of fried goodness to deal with.

I've been lucky this rotation that I can receive mail regularly through the ship's office.  Of course now that we are in Denmark and not just a few blocks away the mail delivery is less frequent but it still gets through! The last delivery came via Andre, a volunteer on board who went back to Kristiansand for a couple days to help them move the office.  

A few weeks ago I bought a pansy and this week I fashioned a plant holder for it so I can hang it in the hatch where hopefully it will get more light.

Looking for a nice place to go for a walk I was directed to the "Palm Tree Beach", just a few kilometres from the ship.  It was a nice walk but there were no palm trees! When I got back and mentioned my disappointment I was told it's too early for the palm trees to be "out" yet.  I guess they get put out in the warm weather (so... 8 weeks a year?) and it's not that time yet.  It was still a nice beachy walk and I hope to get back before we leave.

We had crazy wind one night (the internet said gusts up to 60 km/hour) and the night watch and mate on duty were kept busy tending lines and keeping the ship safe.  There's a mooring line right outside my cabin and it was squeaking away so loudly that I packed up my bedding and found a bunk in the banjer for the rest of the night!

And now I am looking forward to Nadia's arrival and lots of good times together!

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  1. Great photos! Hope you get to set sail soon! Take care.