Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week Eight - Still In Denmark 2.0

How can you tell when you're ship's been in port too long? When birds start building nests on your yards! (That happened.)

The most exciting news this week is that Nadia arrived on Friday! We are sharing a cabin this year and are looking forward to many good times this summer. While we are waiting here in Denmark Carsten took some time to go home but he is back and the 2014 galley team is reunited!

The cabin Nadia and I share is known as the "Party Palace" due to it's large size. We hosted social times the other evening and I think we had 12 people in our cabin  at once. Good thing the hatch can open!

Weather continues to be not that great with small intervals of sunny and pseudo warmth. Sunday was one such time and the timing worked out that I was able to go aloft and help bend on a new sail. First time I've been aloft this rotation and it was great to be back working in the rig.

I've been doing some woodworking this week, making "fiddles" to help contain our suicidal plates. Confused? In the banjer the plates are stowed in spring action sections like you'd have at a buffet, so as plates are removed the bottom moves up and a new plate is always accessible rather than having to reach way down. 

Great in theory but in heavy seas it all gets very exciting and plates jump onto the floor. So I've been working on some wood pieces that we can slot into the top of the springy sections and hopefully keep the plates in their place. 

Other downtime projects have included counting dishes etc on board. Found we have 31,000 toothpicks so that should be good for a while.

This coming week should see us heading back to Kristiansand and starting fjord tours - good chance to use up some of those toothpicks! (If you were wonderig I'm counting the weeks starting on Tuesdays as that's the day I started this rotation.)


  1. :), how long did it take to count 31,000 toothpicks?


  2. Glad your galley team is reunited Laura! Maybe you can create some sort of craft with all your tooth picks!