Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shore Leave – Edinburgh, Scotland – Take Two

Another one night port so not much time to sight see.  The evening we got in we had a fancy (ish) dinner in the banjer as a goodbye to the voyage crew who were getting off at this port.  The whole crew ate together and the galley team worked hard after to be cleaned up by 20:10. It’s hard to explain how amazing that is but rest assured we were quite impressed with ourselves!  Nadia and I decided our first stop would be the mall by our docking spot for a quick wifi session.  We both Skyped home and checked a couple things before heading into town.  We walked around for a bit just excited to be in Edinburgh and taking pictures of the views around town.  Our only stop was at The Last Drop, an atmospheric little pub in Grassmarket to have a Pooh Bear (steamed milk with honey and nutmeg).

The next day we had several hours off and headed into town for a day much like the one I spent in Edinburgh this spring.  We walked through New Town, down the Royal Mile and through Old Town.  Holyrood Palace was closed due to the Queen arriving later that afternoon!  We bought sandwiches from Pret a Manger (a favourite UK sandwich shop of mine) and stopped for tea at a little tea room on the Royal Mile.  It was a lovely break, having a proper tea with scones and jam and cream while we wrote postcards.  We had to make a quick stop at Tesco before getting back to work at 1500. As well as getting the necessary provisions for the ship we did a little personal shopping, keeping in mind we had to carry it all back on foot.

I’ve now been to Edinburgh twice and would still like to go back.  Maybe next time I’ll get to a museum.  Or on a hike.  Or out to the highlands!

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  1. July 19. We just heard that Jennifer and her opera group are heading to Edinburgh from Glasgow tomorrow. I guess Glasgow's a little dreary so they're looking forward to the break. Sounds like they'll enjoy it!