Monday, July 14, 2014

Sailing Along – Edinburgh to the Netherlands

As I was typing this title I realize this summer’s journey is back tracking the end of last semester.  My last few Sailing Along entries were the Netherlands to Scotland, Scotland to Norway. This summer it’s Norway to Scotland, Scotland to the Netherlands! Confused yet?

Canada Day happened during this sail and to celebrate Nadia and I made banana bread with maple icing.  There are 7 Canadians on board and (with the captain’s permission) we hoisted a Canadian flag and sang O Canada at afternoon coffee.

I made pad Thai for dinner one night, it wasn’t my best but the crew appreciated a break from Scandinavian food (at least the North American ones did). Hopefully I will be able to make it again with better results.

Fourth of July was also arrival day in Harlingen and after having made a special Canadian snack Nadia and I felt we needed to do one for the Americans too.  After vetoing their suggestions (barbecque, burgers, pulled pork) we decided to make ice cream sandwiches.  This turned out to be a perfect snack, it was a hot day and coffee time was delayed as the crew brought the ship in and got her safely alongside. 

Hmm… this entry seems to be mostly food oriented, perhaps not surprising since I’m the cook!

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