Sunday, April 27, 2014

Where I work

I think I've mentioned that working in the galley involves several different areas, when we're feeling a bit silly we refer to all these areas as our Culinary Empire! 

This is the galley proper where we do food prep and cooking. See the stand mixer mid-left? With all the bread and baking I do this piece of equipment is like my best friend. 

The sinks, food processor on the left, cupboards for spices and equipment. 

These are the ovens. They are pretty high tech and sometimes they seem smarter then we are. There are 6 racks inside each that keep cookie sheets and hotel pans in place. Based on 18 cookies per sheet each oven can bake 108 cookies at once! When I bake bread I use both ovens and get 12 loaves baked at the same time. 

The control panel for the oven looks like this. You can steam or bake and set the temperature down to the degree. There are also various food setting like "roast chicken" which should be simpler but I find more confusing. There's also a self clean feature which works brilliantly (except when we're rocking too much) and the oven will let you know when it needs to be cleaned if you haven't been noticing. 

The other main cooking equipment we use is tilt skillets. I would describe them like an element and pot in one. You put the food right in and you can boil, fry or deep fry. As the name suggests they tilt up so you can drain them.  There's also a hose attached to the unit for spraying them down when you're cleaning. 

Like the ovens they have a very detailed control panel although no self cleaning feature. 

The large tilt skillet can easily cook 20 pancakes at a time!

Or pad thai for 60.

Food is served in two locations. The salon where the maritime and academic crew eat:

And the banjer where the student crew eats and where we all eat family dinners:

And food is served from a line, cafeteria style. 

Occassionally we do a barbecque on deck. This was from New Year's Eve so it's extra fancy.

The aft pantry is where we do dishes from the  salon and make up meat, cheese and bread plates. There's a fridge for condiments and leftovers and the ever important coffee maker. 

Food storage is located on the lowest level of the ship and has dry stores,

A walk-in fridge,

And walk-in freezer.

Sometimes we have to deep clean the ship and then you gets scenes like this: 

A lot of my day is spent going around between all these places so I get my walking in for sure!

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