Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shore Leave - Brest, France

This port has had the biggest tide change of any we've been in so far - 7 metres the first night we were here! That made for an interesting gangway situation, sometimes it angled steeply down to the ship, sometimes steeply down to the quay and occasionally it was flatish. 

I was warned that Brest is a hilly city and that certainly is true. To get into the main part of the city you had to go up these flights of stairs. 

It's definitely spring here, it was lovely to see spring flowers, grass growing and trees coming into leaf. We also had spring weather. Some days it got up over 20 degrees, other days it barely made it to 10. 

I spent most of my shore leave time walking around the city and exploring different parts. I also visited the Maritime Museum which is housed in a centuries old castle so it was fun to poke around in even though most of the exhibits were in French. 

Of course the food here is great! Restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, it was hard to go wrong!

And now we're ready to set sail (or motor) again. All the sails are quite short now and we will be to our next port (Amsterdam) in no time!

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  1. did you take pictures of the stairs?