Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Beginning - or how I ended up sailing for the summer

Short answer: Google
Long answer: It started in February (or maybe March?) with some Google searching, something like "tall ships festival Toronto 2013".  Just to see if there was one. I had meant to go the last time there was a tall ships festival but ended up being busy that weekend, maybe there'd be one this year.  There was!  And by clicking a bunch more links I ended up at the Class Afloat website where I found they were running 1-2 week summer programs for sailors (or want to be sailors) of all ages!  Going on a tall ships trip was something on my bucket list, as was traveling on the St. Lawrence river.  I was able to check both those off after my first voyage on the Sorlandet from Lunenburg to Brockville.  It was great! I loved everything about being part of a crew of a tall ship. Yes, even the odd sleeping hours and long work days.  So at the end of the trip when I was given the opportunity to stay on the rest of the summer as a volunteer I was 80% sure I'd be back. 

Of course once I got home and felt how nice it was to sleep regular hours, in a regular bed and go to the grocery store and pick out my own food (for the record the food on board was great!) and see people I love it wasn't quite as easy of a decision but after three days of going back and forth I handed in my resignation at work and started planning what to pack. 

So here I am, about to set off for a 7.5 week sail around the Great Lakes - it should be a blast!

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