Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Night

Back on board after two weeks "shore leave"! It was nice to be welcomed back by lots of familiar faces. And nice to show Sorlandet off to friends and family who came down to the Tall Ships Festival. She really is beautiful and it was fun for people to see where I will be living for a while. 

Then, because this is a working ship I was put on galley duty a couple hours after arriving. Tonight it meant squeezing extra moisture and blood from hamburgers so they'd stay together! On my last journey I spent my first night sorting garbage so I think it's a step up? 

It's not all bad of course! I got to play my music in the galley and thanks to my musical director I have some good stuff on my phone. Even able to sound semi knowledgeable when asked about the artists! (Thanks Denise for all your training!). And looking around to see a sunset like this isn't bad either. 

Bedtime now. We leave for Cleveland tomorrow!

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  1. Hello from knit club! We have a new inductee!