Friday, January 29, 2016


You could say our stay in the Galapagos Islands wasn't exactly what we were expecting. There was some issue with customs/immigration and we spent 4 days at anchor before being allowed ashore and that was limited to town only and strict orders not to enjoy any wildlife (we weren't allowed in the national park that makes up 95% of Isla Isabella where we were). However as we'd rather given up hope of being allowed ashore at all even a couple hours to set foot on land (which makes our passport stamps more legit) and use wifi was welcome. As such nothing too exciting to report from land. I had a decent internet connection to do "life maintenance" (ie. pay bills) and had a nice Facetime session with family. Also sent postcards and enjoyed an ice cream but did not enjoy seeing iguanas and seals. ;) 

There was no problem to enjoy wildlife from the ship and at night we shone a light into the water which did a good job of attracting critters. During our stay I saw a penguin (! first wild one I've seen), sharks, seals, pelicans and sea turtles. I went swimming one day and did a bit of snorkeling but there wasn't much to look at (maybe due to waves?). 

So I have been to the Galapagos and seen some wildlife but there is definitely more to explore if I ever go back!

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