Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Festivals Begin! Belfast, Northern Ireland

The sail to Belfast was rather busy! We were 89 people on board and it took everyone a couple days to get into the routines of life at sea and get the new trainees set in the ways of the ship. Happily as the sail progressed things did get better and my days felt merely busy, not purely survival. 

En route we had an afternoon stop over in Stavanger to pick up some trainees and then we were off to Belfast. Winds weren't favourable and as we were on a tight time schedule we had to motor a lot of the way. We did getan afternoon's sailing in which was lovely. 

During the sail the weather continued to be chilly but as I work inside and keep moving I'm generally in just a T-shirt while the deck crew are in sweaters, jackets and lots of layers.  Makes a change from usual when I am the warmly dressed one!

Saw a couple dolphins on the sail which is always nice. We also heard this strange thumping noise one day which turned out to be coming from an oil rig!  

As well as the challenge of having all new trainees the #galleygirls have the added challenge of new trainee galley crew every 4 hours. So each day we have 9 new people to train and organize. Keeps us busy for sure!

Celebrated Canada Day at sea by hoising the Canadian flag, sporting maple leaf (temporary) tattoos and any other Canada garb we could find. 

In port we've had some time off as people eating on board are fewer. That's been nice. Went into town and visited Marks & Spencer as well as Tesco. Got a few different teas to try and rhubarb yogurt. Haven't explored the festival much but it seems to be much the same as any festival, carnival rides, variety of food booths, family activities etc. 

Next up a 10 day sail to Ă¥lesund, Norway and race #1!

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