Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 11 - Around Southern Norway

This week we were in 4 different ports: Kristiansand, Arendal, Grimstad and Lillesand. This area of Norway sure is beautiful! We weren't anywhere for long but I had the chance to go and explore a bit. 

In Arendal:

In Grimstad:

Second largest wooden church in Norway:

In Lillesand:

A little free library made from an old charthouse. 

In Grimstad Luca, one of our mess girls from last summer stopped by the ship and when Nadia & I had our break she gave us a guided tour of Grimstad, where she lives. Grimstad, we were told, is known for bicycles, a couple authors, shipbuilding (they like to think) an having a lot of hairdressers per capita. Also having the second largest wooden church in Norway. 

In Lillesand we had a rather interesting docking spot, kinda had to come in sideways to get the yards between bits of the crane. 

In all these ports we have various arrangements with companies who hire the ship for a day or evening sail. There is usually food involved, usually our "famous" fish soup. My contribution to the soup is peeling shrimp. So far I've peeled over 70 kg. The excitement of life on a tall ship!

One arrangement was with a school, maybe grades 4-8. They weren't sail training, just having an afternoon on board as a field trip. Mostly they seemed to enjoy hanging out in hammocks in the banjer, I don't think it would've mattered to them if we'd just stayed in port the whole time! Easy to keep them happy though! 

I've now passed the half way day of this voyage. I have a feeling the last half is going to be a lot busier than the first and before I know it summer will be over and I'll be headed home. Which is lovely but doesn't include views like this:

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