Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sailing Along - the Netherlands to Scotland

Shortest sail of the semester! We left Tuesday afternoon and arrived early Friday morning. 

For the most part the North Sea has been quite calm for us and this continued for the first part of the journey but there was one night that was quite rocky and continued as such well into the morning. We can hardly complain though, it's been smoith sailing for many days. 

The weather has continued to be rather "North-ish" and my long johns are earning their keep. Before the sun comes up one could legitimately go into the walk-in to warm up! Crazy. 

Final exams started after a day and a half of study time. I'm sure all the students (and teachers!) will be happy to have those done for the year. There are 3 blocks of exams before Edinburgh and 2 blocks after. 

We had another time change, finally one where we gain an hour of sleep! Yay! We'll loose it again on the next sail but you have to appreciate each moment as it comes. 

We had a record fast galley clean up, everything done by 7:41! Considering dinner usually continues till 7:30 this is quite an accomplishment! A number of factors contributed to this achievement including it being a one dish meal, everyone on watch got relieved on time so they were able to eat right away and of course a motivated and hard working galley team!

The last night we anchored just outside Edinburgh and came in to port just as my day was starting. Right in front of the Royal yacht Britannia! I think this will be a great port!

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  1. Awesome! Hope you enjoy Edinburgh!
    Betula D.