Monday, March 3, 2014

Half Way

Random recap to mark the half way point in this adventure! (Which isn't for two days but I won't have internet access)
I've baked 177 loaves of bread and 383 buns. 

Bruises and burns are part of my regular look. 

I've ridden in the back of a police car (it was acting as a taxi, honest!)

I've tried wakeboarding. 

Number of rats caught on board: 2.

Amount I've spent at the General Store $9.

Amount I've spent at Slapps $4.

I've had one day off. 

I have washed shorts and shoes with the hose in the galley. While I was wearing them. 

This may be the only high school where the students are encouraged to carry knives. 

The longest day I've worked was 13.5 hours. On average I work 74 hours a week. 

I've stood 6 hours of night watch. 

Spending this last December (and the 10 before that) wrapping gifts for AAF has really paid off on bagged lunch days when we pack 42 lunches. (If anyone involved in AAF is reading this please note if we got festive cling wrap we could wrap so much faster! No tape needed, no shape too awkward!)

Number of times going aloft: 2. (Need to get that number up!) 

I've seen dolphins, whales, manta rays, flying fish and monkeys in the wild. 

I've ridden in both the tender and the MOB boat. 

Number of TV episodes watched: 9 and a half. 

I have 9 new stamps in my passport. 

Islands circumnavigated: 2.

And I'm so excited to continue on the second half of this journey!

Last thing, I have a favour to ask. I'm curious how many people/who reads this blog. So if you are would you mind letting me know? In the comments, by email or Facebook. Thanks!


  1. I read it and look for it on a regular basis.


  2. Hey Laura,

    I enjoy reading your blog! I sometimes read the posts twice and relive the beautiful photos! That is quite a bunch of bread you have baked, maybe a Betula Loo bakery is in your future :)
    Enjoy Havana and look forward to the next post!

  3. Really enjoying your blog Laura! Seems you're having a great time!
    Betula Lake Gramps

  4. I'm glad you are have an amazing adventure of a lifetime! keep enjoying!

  5. Hi Laura,
    I've been enjoying your blog too (although I've just caught all of February and March). I'm glad to hear your hard work is being well balanced with adventure and appreciation of where you are and what you're a part of. It sure makes my days spent at a desk & computer seem even more tedious. I may just have to join Sørlandet again this summer...
    Say hi to Jess for me.
    Julie Dubeau
    (Duluth-Chicago 2013)