Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day in the Life

No two days are the same, on a ship even more so then land. I don't know if there's ever a "normal day" to chronicle so for those who wonder what I do all day this is what my day looked like for  Saturday, January 18th.  

6:30 get my wake up call, half an hour late and 15 minutes after I was planning to be in galley. 

6:37 arrive at galley

7:29 send out the last dish for the first seating of breakfast

7:40 start work on bagged lunches

7:58 watch alarm goes off reminding me about colours in 2 minutes

8:06 Jess and I give our first galley update/report (a new and to be regular occurance on Saturdays)

8:08 get back to bagged lunch making after grabbing a breakfast biscuit off a passing tray

8:30 realise we don't have enough almond butter for sandwiches and quickly make hummus

8:55 put lunch items out for kids to grab on their way out

9:10 wave good bye to the last students and teachers as well as Jess (the cook)

9:20 quick stop at cabin to make bed and tidy a bit from the morning's rush

9:25 pull meat for dinner out to thaw in the sink 

9:40 finish breakfast clean up

9:45 start getting coffee time ready

10:05 grab ingredients for lunch from walk in/dry stores

10:20 clean up coffee time

10:25 veggie peeling and chopping

10:40 get soup started

11:00 set the table in the captain's saloon

11:20 find out provisions might be coming today, not tomorrow

11:28 finish bringing the lunch food out 

11:55 sit down to eat lunch

12:05 finish last bite and get the news provisions are here

12:30 go down to walk-in to organise what's been brought down

13:00 with Jess off the Captain asks me to estimate how much food we have on board (for customs)

13:05 do quick math and return form to Captain

13:40 finish lunch clean up and food storage  

13:45 laundry

14:00 shower 

14:30 scrub potatoes for dinner

14:45 start coffee time prep

15:05 take a quick journaling break

15:20 go on deck to clear coffee time

15:30 head into town for errands like postcard buying

16:50 head back to ship

17:00 start dinner prep. Prick potatoes, make meatloaf, put both in oven

17:30 do dishes and sanitise "e coli town"

17:50 make meat and cheese trays as a head start on tomorrow

18:10 get veggies out of freezer

18:28 get all food on the table

18:35 sit down to eat

18:50 start clean up

19:50 done in galley

19:55 write postcards

20:20 head out for ice cream and wifi with Jess

22:10 return to ship

23:00 bed

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